Paper Submission Guidelines

  1. Article Preparation
  • An original article would normally consist of 5000-7000words (excluding figures, tables and references).
  • All articles must be written in UK English.
  • Submissions should be formatted in single spacing, preferably in Times New Roman size 12 font.
  1. Title, Abstract, Keywords, Addresses, Biographical Notes

Please assist us by following these guidelines:

  • Author(s) name and affiliation
  • Title: as short as possible, with no abbreviations or acronyms.
  • Abstract: approximately 100 words, maximum 150.
  • Keywords: approximately 10-15 words or phrases.
  • Address*: position, department, name of institution, full postal address and email address for each author.
  • Biographical notes*: approximately 100 words per author, maximum 150.
  1. References and Notes

Please adhere to Harvard reference system and footnotes should be avoided

  1. Figures

All illustrations, whether diagrams or photographs, are referred to as Figures. If any figures appear in colour, please note that they will only appear in colour in the online version; in the printed version they will be in black and white. If the quality of the colour figure supplied is not suitable to be produced in colour, it will also be shown in black and white in the online version. Figures should ideally be black and white, not colour, and numbered sequentially. However, if colour is essential to the figure please send a good quality colour image. Please place them at the end of the article, rather than interspersed in text.

Please prepare all figures, especially line diagrams, to the highest possible standards. Bear in mind that lettering may be reduced in size by a factor of 2 or 3, and that fine lines may disappear.

  1. Units of Measurement

This manuscript follows the Systèmes International (SI) for units of measurement.

To download  the ICHTS Full Paper Manuscript Template click on the download button below